Anatomy quiz reveals surprising truth

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THE world’s biggest anatomy quiz has been launched by researchers at a British university.

Scientists at Lancaster University were inspired to create the testing study after finding out how many people struggled to point out parts of their own body, The Sun reports.

Researchers now want 20,000 to be quizzed to see how much the general public really know about themselves.

Earlier research discovered that while everyone is able to point out where their brain is, only a fraction knew where less obvious bodily parts, such as adrenal glands, are.

The interactive study, found here, asks participants to pinpoint 25 organs or muscles.

To help the research you must also give some information about yourself, including where you are from and how old you are.

This is to aid the theory that different groups of people know different amounts about their body and health.

The research is being carried out with the aim it could eventually help medical professionals to better treat patients.

Creator of the ‘Where are my body organs?’ quiz, Dr Adam Taylor told MailOnline: “[The quiz will] not only improve public engagement with the subject of anatomy, but will enable further study of what the general public know about human anatomy.”

Dr Taylor said last year: “Whilst many of the public do not have or need formal anatomical knowledge, it is beneficial in monitoring and explaining their own health.

“An improvement in the delivery of basic anatomical knowledge within primary and secondary education may have beneficial health outcomes in later life.”

After you take the quiz you can compare your answers to the picture below to see how many you got right.

This article was originally published by The Sun and appears with permission.

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