How Barnaby’s daughter skipped that interview

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BARNABY Joyce’s eldest daughter has said she skipped the TV interview with her father and his new partner Vikki Campion in favour of drinking wine with a friend.

Bridgette Joyce, 21, revealed on social media that she was relaxing over a glass of wine and joking she wished it had instead been the Queen’s Birthday holiday last Monday, Fairfax reported.

Channel 7’s revealing yet cringe-worthy “tell all” interview with Ms Joyce’s father, Ms Campion and featuring their infant son Sebastian aired on June 3.

In the interview Ms Campion apologises to Bridgette, her three sisters and their mother Natalie for any grief or embarrassment caused by her affair with the then deputy prime minister.

It has been revealed that unlike the $150,000 taken by the couple in trust for their son, Joyce’s estranged wife Natalie has turned down up to $500,000 to talk.

The four Joyce daughters have remained silent and have refrained from commenting publicly on the sorry story.

Neither the girls nor their mother have tried to expunge Joyce from photographs on their social media accounts.

Last month, on Mother’s Day, Bridgette posted a dignified supportive message for her mother on Instagram, with a picture of her hugging Mrs Joyce.

“Happy Mother’s Day to this absolute rock star. You’re the most resilient, selfless, loving and strongest chick I know. LOVE YOU,” Bridgette wrote.

The Joyce sisters and their mother have posed in relaxed photographs of all five women enjoying themselves together in recent times.

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