Lisa Wilkinson brought to tears in Project segment

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LISA WILKINSON has broken down in tears as she revealed the fears she holds for her 20-year-old daughter Billi following the death of Eurydice Dixon.

The 22-year-old aspiring comedian was found dead in a Melbourne park on Wednesday, with 19-year-old Jaymes Todd accused of raping and murdering her.

Wilkinson fought back sobs on Friday’s episode of The Project, as she called for a change in attitudes towards women’s safety in a segment about Ms Dixon’s death.

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“This might upset some people but, honestly, parents, instead of telling our girls not to walk through parks, maybe we should be telling our boys not to rape them,” Wilkinson said, before citing the famous quote by Margaret Atwood: “Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them.”

The former Today host was comforted by co-host Gorgi Coghlan, who was also in tears as she revealed her concerns for seven-year-old daughter Molly-Rose.

Wilkinson admitted that she held fears for her university student daughter Billi if she was walking alone at night.

“Every time she has to walk across campus, if it’s later at night, she calls me, and I’ve always said to her, ‘Call me at any time so that you can feel safe’, because we’ve had the discussion,” Wilkinson said.

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“She needs to be on the phone so that if any potential person is going to do her wrong, that person knows she has a lifeline to somebody else.”

Wilkinson ended the segment by pointing the finger at her male co-hosts Anthony Lehmann and Hamish Macdonald and pleading with them to make a difference.

“You boys have to talk to your mates, and you have to make them understand that violence against women is wrong. It’s really, really, really wrong,” she said.

The segment was met with a wave of praise on social media, with Twitter users commending Wilkinson for her blunt but honest message.

The Project airs on Network 10 at 6.30pm Sunday to Friday

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