Medicare Electric Wheelchair Programs Who Qualifies for Electric Wheelchairs and Scooters

Medicare Electric Wheelchair Programs Who Qualifies for Electric Wheelchairs and Scooters

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Advertisements for motorized wheelchairs and vigour scooters are all over the television set, and in magazines. They boast of low prices, and a number of of them claim to have the capacity to give away these portions for free. But that is if the consumer in need of the device qualifies for the free wheel chair or scooter. So, the large question is, who qualifies for these free mobility aids?

If you have Medicare, you do not automatically qualify for a motorized scooter or electric wheelchair. You must have a doctor prescribe one for you, so pay attention of sales persons that are too keen to make the sell, and tell you there is no need for a prescription. Also, the doctor will most maybe not prescribe an electric wheel chair or vigour scooter simply for ease of movement outside your home. That is part of the stipulations of obtaining one. You must present a need for better mobility inside your home, not outside. The physician also won't prescribe a mobility aid if it isn't a dire need.

Motorized chairs can be rented via Medicare. After you have paid your deductible, you can rent the mobility device for ten months. As of the 9th month, you might be sent an choice to purchase your wheel chair. If you go for to purchase the wheel chair, Medicare will make three extra monthly payments on the device, and then it is yours to shop. You may also be responsible for maintenance, yet Medicare will pay 80 percent of those fees. If you do not want to purchase your mobility device, Medicare will make fifteen payments in all, and your device is yours as lengthy as you wish to have it. You must pay a maintenance payment every six months, 80 percent of which is covered by Medicare.

Other requirements for qualification are:

Weakness in your upper body that would require the need for an electronic wheel chair You can't walk lower than your own vigour You are capable of getting in and out of the electric wheelchair, and do it safely You have to remain in a chair or bed most of the day You have the need for the mobility device in order to move about freely inside your own residence

If you have a need for a motorized mobility device, and are on Medicare, communicate with your kin physician about your need. They could have the capacity to respond to your questions completely, and instruct you as to how to obtain a mobility device of your own.

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