Mistakes To Avoid In An Internal Job Interview

Mistakes To Avoid In An Internal Job Interview

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Its often assumed by external job candidates that any internal candidates have a distinct advantage. However, if youve ever attended an internal job interview youll know that its now not necessarily the effort-free option. Yes there are fairly many of clear advantages such as knowing the organisation being familiar with the interviewer, access to internal information but equally there are fairly many of disadvantages such as the interviewer being aware now not just of your strengths but your weakness as well as how you have performed and other peoples opinions. Certainly having an internal job interview is no hassle-free option.

Mistakes to stay clear of in an internal job interview:

1. Insufficient preparation: Dont slip into now not doing enough preparation just because youre an internal candidate. You want to organize for the job interview just as if you were an external candidate.

2. Not doing enough research: If you have an internal job interview its tempting to consider that you already know about the organisation. However, you still want to do your research. Talk to other people about the role and the way it fits into the organisational structure. Make certain that you are conscious about results, any new initiatives, competitors etc.

3. Forgetting its an interview: When you attend an internal job interview, it can be hassle-free if you know the interviewer/s very well to forget that its a proper process. Dont slip into being over familiar, criticising any initiatives or bad mouthing any colleagues.

four. Not asserting enough: Dont make the mistake of asserting too little because the interviewer already knows you. You still want to demonstrate youre the least difficult person for the job. External candidates will absolutely be talking about their capabilities and experience and you would like to do the same or they're going to smoothly outshine you. Dont assume that the interviewer will even remember or be conscious about your more than a few accomplishments . Just like the external candidates you should make them conscious about your strengths and authentic selling level.

5. Not asking questions: Too often internal candidates consider they dont want to ask questions because they already know everything. This is a foolish and unnecessary mistake to make. The questions you ask are a chance for you to shine and confirm you're the best candidate for the job.

6. Dressing inappropriately: Some internal candidates consider it's miles enough to just ensue to the interview dressed as they by and massive do for work. Remember external candidates will have made an effort to appear their least difficult you should too.

7. Thinking its a done deal: When fairly many of candidates attend an internal job interview they make the assumption owing to issues they could have heard that the job is practically theirs. Ignore anything all of us has said or hinted in this respect. You should go in well keen and coach the interviewer or panel that you're the least difficult candidate for the job.

Although attending an internal job interview is a just a little different from attending an external job interview the key factor in your success will be exactly the same. Preparation and the ability to respond the interview questions demonstrating your strengths and authentic selling points and the way these make you the best candidate.

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