New Kindle 2 Accessories Bring New Kindle 2 Cover Styles

New Kindle 2 Accessories Bring New Kindle 2 Cover Styles

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The next generation of the Amazon Kindle has brought in a new design that has a higher resolution and a thinner profile as well. As a result, many of the accessories that were for the original Kindle don't work with the new adaptation of the Kindle. One of those accessories is the cover.

3rd party Kindle covers grew to become popular pondering the original adaptation didn't come with a really good cover, in order a result, many third party companies came up with their own Kindle covers to fill in the hole. Brands like M-edge and Belkin grew to become very popular with Kindle owners. The new Kindles have completely different dimensions.

The New dimensions are 8" x 5.3" x 0.36". This makes them thinner than the original Kindles. They are a notably lighter as well, but not enough to make a significant change in the forms of materials needed to create a high quality Kindle cover. These new covers have all of the same features as the covers for the first model, including snap closures and a higher design to keep the Kindle in place so it wouldn't slide out.

Other fashions are available for the Kindle 2 such as zip pouches and Neoprene sleeve case covers and leather covers. A new player to the Kindle cover market is Cole Haan, who produces high-end leather coverings for the business owner or heavy hitter who wishes to impress.

M-edge is still an enormous player for the Kindle covers in the new market. Some of their most well-liked fashions are the platform jacket and the prodigy jacket for the Kindle 2. The prodigy jacket comes in many colors of leather and has the universal book-cover style with a strap close mechanism (a strap that slips into a loop to keep it closed. The inside has reinforced loops to keep the Kindle secure within the cover.

The Platform jacket is a new style that came out for the Kindle 2. This style is made out of leather and also comes in many colors rather like the other m-edge styles for the Kindle 1. The difference with the shape of the Platform jacket is that it's miles rotated ninety degrees and the cover flips up like a notepad rather than to the side like a book. This construction lets in the Kindle user to apply the jacket as a Kindle stand when they turn the cover inside-out so they may experience hands free reading. Although this is clever, I don't know what number users will use this cover in this fashion pondering most people hold the Kindle to examine it like they are holding a book. The stand feature would probably be useful if the reader has their hands full whilst they are reading (such as following a recipe).

Amazon also has created a new cover design for the new Kindle as well. Many of the complaints from the previous adaptation of the cover have been addressed with this new adaptation, despite the actual fact that not them all. The new adaptation is highly reasonable and get the job done, but was built for ability and not luxury. There have been many more favorable reviews of this adaptation.

The new features and design will bring out new lines of accessories to compliment the Kindle 2. As people take advantage of those features, we will see additional accessories emerge. The Kindle cover is no exception to this rule. New brands and styles for the covers are already available and are being purchased by Kindle owners today. Protect your Kindle 2 with a stylish and functional cover so you can enjoy your electronic reader for years to come.

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