Second man charged in Price-Purcell murder

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Police have closed in further on the alleged killers of Queensland man Sam Price-Purcell, charging a second man with his murder.

But they said more were involved in the disappearance of the 25-year-old after he left the Brisbane suburb of Mitchelton in February 2015.

The 29-year-old Roma man charged on Saturday is set to appear in the Roma Magistrates Court on Monday, where he’ll also face accusations of misconduct with a corpse.

It comes days after an associate of Price-Purcell, Michael Jay Evans, fronted the Toowoomba Magistrates Court on the same offences.

The 36-year-old faces a further allegation of arson of a vehicle, a Toyota Prado owned by one of his relatives.

It is being investigated as being used to transport Mr Price-Purcell’s body.

Police combed through Evans’ former home at Leyburn where they found guns and drug equipment.

They also scoured a Helidon property, where they suspect he and his co-offenders disposed of evidence after allegedly killing Price-Prucell over a debt.

Evans is due to appear in court again on September 10.

Price-Purcell was last seen getting into a distinctive yellow Holden Commodore SS sedan, similar to a car seized by police and put through forensic testing late last month.

Authorities have not said how they believed he was murdered, nor would they say the amount of the debt and if it related to drugs.

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