Progesterone-Delivery Methods

Progesterone-Delivery Methods

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There are a number of delivery methods available today,choosing the suitable one can be exceptionally daunting. Many of us ask our doctors for advice or search on various websites. As I have come to work with progesterone, people and their symptoms, it has turn out to be clear that delivery methods are so crucial as most of them do no longer delivery the suitable of amount of progesterone to help one's particular symptom.

Listed below are the various methods available today:

IV Transfusions
Subcutaneous Implants
Tablets – for dryness
Torches – Lozenges
Oral Caps

Before deciding do make certain which you know and understand exactly what your selected system consists of. All to commonly harmful factors are used which can possibly cause problems themselves:

non-biodegradable silicone elastomers
progestins – a synthetic progesterone
PEG emulsifiers (polyethylene glycol) – these can contain dioxane
sodium lauryl sulphate
propylene glycol
artificial colours
liquid paraffin
peanut and sesame oil

Subcutaneous Silastic Capsules – non biodegradable, contain progestin which lasts approximately 5 years. Tablets – an applicator is wished and contents wish to be understood. Oils – no longer used commonly.

Torches/Lozenges, Drops and Oral – are the least effective as 50 to 70% of the progesterone is destroyed by the gut and liver. They can in addition contain some harmful factors and drops are very bitter.

Injections and Suppositories/Pessaries – are effective. Injections are painful and suppositories/pessaries are limited in their application.

IV Transfusions – an effective way of delivering progesterone in an emergency i.e. Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Creams – to my mind are the most convenient delivery system available. They have a first-charge files over the other methods as the progesterone in creams are absorbed well. However, do take care when it involves choosing creams as some of them contain some harmful factors. Look for a cream that is as natural and organic as possible. Research to make bound you know what you are acquiring. They can be utilized to any part of the body and contrary to what has been said, they haven't got to be utilized to the thin layers of the dermis only, even hair follicles absorb progesterone well.

As progesterone is a superb anti-inflammatory, it can be used on any painful area:

menstrual cramps – rub on the stomach
migraines and headaches – rub at the back on the neck and up temples
dryness – excellent for inflammation same applies to piles
burns – use promptly, helps with blistering and burn marks
insect bites and all wounds – rub on area
face – helps with wrinkles, pigmentation etc
liver spots on back on hands – the more you sue the quicker they are going to disappear

All the above apart from for insect bites and wounds, are caused by estrogen dominance.

Another crucial fact about creams is to make a selection one that contains the suitable amount of progesterone. All to commonly, the progesterone used is too little thereby creating all types of estrogen dominance symptoms.

I do hope that this has helped you to understand the various progesterone delivery methods available. Take care when choosing and make certain that the suitable amount of progesterone is used.

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