Top 10 Greatest Sprint Races in History

Top 10 Greatest Sprint Races in History

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1. Atlanta 1996. Men's 100-meter Olympic final.

It become the such a lot exciting 10 seconds in sports history. The fastest sprinter of that time Donovan Bailey become the last one who left the blocks at the track of overcrowded stadium in Atlanta. And nobody in the world had time to take note that he could simply lose the main race of his life, because during the next ten seconds every person's eyes were chained to the Olympic track, where the fastest man ever become showing a magnificent blend of explosivepersistent and awesome athleticism.

Donovan Bailey crossed the finish line first to win 100-metre final in 9.84 seconds. It become not just the recent world record, this record become set in Olympic final by the man who had the worst beginning among all finalists. Step by step he passed other sprinters and by finish line he leaved them all behind. If you've never seen this race, than just go to video section at and do it now.

2. Atlanta 1996. Men's 200-meter Olympic final.

Michael Johnson not just broke the 200-meter world record, he shattered it, leaving other competitors many steps behind by finish line. Even today his time of 19.32 seconds appears incredible. But it's not only about the time, it is also about the look on Michael's face when he saw it become 19.32. And every time people see the image of that moment they can feel his passion.

3. Seoul 1988. Men's 100-meter Olympic final.

Canadian Ben Johnson recorded a new world top of 9.seventy nine secs and he stormed clear of his arch-rival Carl Lewis. However, three days later it become revealed that Johnson had tested positive for performance-enhancing medicines and become disqualified.

4. Seville 1999. Men's 400-meter world record.

In retaining the world title in a time of 43.18 seconds Michael Johnson redefined the parameters of the one-lap event.

With the staggered beginning, it took a whilst for his performance to grow to be apparent. But, running in his trademark hand-made golden spikes, he sailed off the top bend, leaving his rivals metres adrift.

For once, he pushed himself all the way to the line, roared on by a potential crowd of 50,000 who gasped in astonishment when the time came up on the electronic scoreboard.

5. Indianapolis 1988. Women's 100-meter world record.

Florence Griffith-Joyner bowled over the world when – is called a 200 m runner – she ran a new 100 m World Record of 10.49 in the quarter-finals of the usa Olympic Trials. This record stands unchallenged to this day, and this would surprise no one if it remains in the books for the other 20 years.

6. Seoul 1988. Women's 200-meter Olympic final.

Florence Griffith-Joyner set world record for 200 meters. Nobody could beat her time of 21.34 since then.

7. Athens 1999. Maurice Greene breaks the world record in 100 meters.

In 1999 Maurice Greene set new 100-meter world record of 9.seventy nine seconds, beating Donovan Bailey's standing world record of 9.84, and lowering it by the largest margin since the introduction of electronic timing. Also he proved that man could run 100-meter dash under 9.80 seconds without taking medicines.

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