Why People Choose to Interview

Why People Choose to Interview

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The word interview derives from the French word interviewee which indicates to see among (entrevoir= to see: entre= among). It is an arranged meeting. It is a very own meeting for a specified and put in purpose. It is a face-to-face meeting a model of formal conference It is a chat, by a reporter, during which evidence or statements are elicited from another to assess the competency for sooner than assuming a specified task. It is a gathering for questioning, to be careful and to consult. It is a formal meeting during which several individuals question, consult, or evaluate another person to admit for a specified job. It's a gathering or conversation during which a reporter asks questions of several individuals from whom textile is sought for a newspaper story, television broadcast etc. An interview can be to report the influence of such a chat or meeting for a specified end. It is a measuring tool to trace the efficiency of the interviewee.

The job interview has its goal to measure the extent of information, skill, abilities and job functions. A job interview is a way during which a potential employee is evaluated by an employer for a prospective of employment in his manufacturer, association, or a manufacturer. During this way, the employer hopes to assess whether a candidate is competent.

The interview can be direct, verbal in the form of question and answer to check the knowledge, promptness, clarity, logical connection and the caliber of the language correct usage, grammar and magnificence of pronunciation and the package of vocabulary that the interviewee uses.. The interview can be like dictation to check the handwriting, correct spelling

The interview can be to test the skill of description – to explain the self, the loved ones, the childhood memories the school trip the work trip and to narrate the optimistic and negative impressions of life and to give an opinion or express an attitude of conclusion to see the capability of the optimistic or negative or a organic and balanced prevailing attitudes. In life we should face the difficulty and be mature in handling the difficulty with maturity in order to assure the continuity and growth.

The interview can be to assess the psychic tendency of the person by asking him his philosophy of life, his philosophy on earth and what means he would implement towards the recognition. The interview can be to get entry to the physical and mental health of the interviewee and his loved ones. If the interviewee is worked up in the loved ones he would be successful in his office too. If he is sociable in the loved ones and in the group he'll be the result in for the reputation of the running office too.

The interview can be to assess the capability of the interviewee to accept his disasters and victories, to test his maturity in facing life with serenity even in the presence of the conflict and suffering. I he does not know to compromise and establish peace by promoting organic mutual inter relationship the manufacturer may well also decay slowly with the dissatisfied workers.

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